Save On Laser provides a 100% local and recycled toner product. Our Millennium  Brand of toner is re-manufactured locally, using a proprietary process that ensures a completely rebuilt and recycled toner cartridge.

Unless they are being rebuilt, re-manufactured and re-used,  toner cartridges CANNOT be recycled.

When you throw out your toner cartridge or return it to the store, these toner cartridges are being thrown into the landfill or being shipped overseas to be disposed of. Which is a nice of saying that these cartridges are literally being piled on the the sides of streets and in massive piles wherever there is room.

Meet Your Social Responsibility Goals

As a company, you probably have an internal social responsibility mandate to consider. By working with Save On Laser you can be assured of a zero waste footprint from your printing efforts. Talk to a Save On Laser Printer Specialist to learn more about our proprietary toner re-manufacturing process.

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